hzeep is a (slightly) modified version of the Neep font by Jim Knoble. hzeep is designed for living in the terminal. In my experience, it works well for programming, as well as for other tasks like reading email.

Modifications to the original font were made using Fontforge. You can see what changes were made a little farther down the page.


Because hzeep is a modified version of Neep, it is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.0.

Download the current version (version 2), 8x15 BDF, ISO8859-1 / Latin 1.

older versions

Version 1, 8x15 BDF, ISO8859-1 / Latin 1.


The font is currently only available for GNU/Linux. Instructions below have been tested on Arch Linux, Debian Wheezy, Debian Jessie, Debian Stretch, and Ubuntu 14.04.

To start, download the font to one of the normal locations for fonts (on Ubuntu/Debian, ~/.fonts if you want to install just for you, and /usr/share/fonts/ if you want to install for all users).

Before you can use the font, you may need to update your font cache:

$ fc-cache -vf

On Debian, bitmap fonts are disabled by default, so you will also have to specifically enable the hzeep font before updating the cache. This may also be the case in Ubuntu, and so taking this next step doesn't hurt. Create a new file /etc/fonts/conf.d/50-enable-hzeep.conf, and paste the following text into it:

<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">
        <patelt name="family"><string>hzeep</string></patelt>


If this font is almost what you want, but not quite, you might be interested in Neep, zevv-peep, or Proggy.

what changed?

Version 2

After receiving feedback that the '6' and '8' glyphs were difficult to tell apart at a distance, I modified the '6' and '9' glyphs to try to improve this. A comparison is shown below, with the original (version 1) on top, and the updated glyphs (version 2) on the bottom.

Version 1

Really, version 1 is almost entirely still Neep. The following is (I think) an exhaustive list of changes I made, starting with the neep-iso8859-1-08x15.bdf file from this tarball. For some of the changes, a comparison is shown, with Neep on top on hzeep on bottom.