CAT-SOOP is a tool for automatic collection and assessment of online exercises
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cs_content_header = “CAT-SOOP v14.x Documentation”

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@{warning(“”“These docs are extremely sparse right now, and unfortunately, I have trouble finding the time to sit down and write documentation.

If you have questions about using the software that aren’t answered here, please send an e-mail to ~adqm/; I’m happy to answer questions, and I’ll also try to work the result into the docs.

Better yet, if you have used CAT-SOOP and are interested in contributing documentation, please see the section on contributing documentation for more information.



for i in sorted(cs_children, key=lambda i: cs_children[i].get(‘cs_order’, 1000)):

if i == 'api':
    cs_print("* [API Documentation](CURRENT/api?p=catsoop)")
    cs_print("* [%s](CURRENT/%s)" % (cs_children[i].get('cs_long_name', i), i))