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While 6.145 is no longer offered for credit at MIT, this site remains available as a resource for those who are interested to work through the course materials.

Description and Goals

6.145 (A Brief Introduction to Programming in Python) was a 3-week online course, designed to be taken before 6.01 or 6.08 to help ease the transition into those courses, primarily for students with no prior programming experience, or very little prior programming experience.

Three weeks is a very short amount of time, and it would be unrealistic to expect anyone to become a master programmer in that timeframe. That isn't our goal. What we are trying to do with this course is to introduce you to some of the foundational aspects of computer programming, and get you some practical experience working with these tools, so that you're prepared to use programming as a tool to help solve the kinds of problems you're likely to encounter in future courses.

Schedule and Structure of Assignments

6.145 was originally run as a three week subject with two assignments each week over the January month (MIT's "Independent Activities Period"). There were two assignments each week, each of which consisted of some subset of the following components:

  • Readings to introduce new ideas and get some basic practice with them.
  • Drills to get more practice with details from the readings.
  • Practice Exercises to apply the skills from the drills and readings in more authentic applications, with immediate feedback.

They were released according to the following schedule:

First AssignmentMondays, 11amThursdays, 5pm
Second AssignmentThursdays, 11amMondays, 5pm