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Assignment 0.0: Numbers, Expressions, and Small Programs

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1) Readings

Please read this assignment's readings and work through the exercises contained therein.

2) Drills

Note: Effective Use of Drills

You should attempt these drills without running your code in Python, and only fall back to running your code if necessary. If you do have to fall back to using Python, it is crucial that you take the time to understand not only the result you got, but also why Python behaved the way it did.

Always, if you are having trouble with a question or can't figure out why Python is behaving the way it does, just ask!

  1. Basic Types
  2. Numeric Expressions
  3. Boolean Expressions
  4. Variables

3) Practice Exercises

Note: Effective Use of Practice Exercises

You should try to work through these problems on your own, but you can work with others if you get stuck. Try to spend at least 10 minutes on each problem before asking for help.

A good set of goals is:

  • work every problem as far as possible on your own (at least 10 minutes per problem).
  • do not run any Python code until you have simulated it on paper using environment diagrams and are confident that it will produce the right answer.
  • run and test your code on your own machine using Python before submitting.
  • try to use as few submissions as possible.
  • look at our solution once you have gotten the problem right, and compare it with your own.

It is important to develop the skill of running and testing code on your own machine, without relying on our checker as your sole means of running/testing your programs. As such, you will only be allowed to submit to each box once every 30 minutes.

We encourage you to try to make sure things are working by running your programs on your own machine before submitting anything. If your code does not pass the tests on the web site, you should continue testing and debugging on your own machine until you are able to submit again (you do not need to wait for the timer to reset to try other things!).

  1. Distances
  2. Quadratic
  3. Electricity Bill
  4. Zeller's Algorithm
  5. Variables
  6. Numeric Expressions
  7. Bug Hunt
  8. Gardening